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  Baptism is a cornerstone to our Christian beliefs. John the Baptist was ordained by God to be the predecessor of Jesus - he preached about His coming and even baptized Jesus. Being baptized is an important part of Christianity and although not everyon
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That can take us by surprise - but just remember this: Lust is a temptation and an evil that overcomes many of us. It is born of Satan and the flesh. Every single one of us is subject to lust. If we are to overcome it, we must be good Christians. We must b
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Some days, even Christians feel like they need to be reassured. Life can be confusing and frustrating, and even the best of us can become downtrodden. But just know - if you ask God for help, He will hear you. Whatever you petition of him, your prayers wil
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There are always going to be times in your Christian life when you become angry or sad. However, as a Christian, you can't let these angry emotions change your life. If you're looking for help with anger issues or dealing with someone else with anger probl
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Abortion is a very hot topic in the world today with many advocates of both sides. But what does the Bible say about abortion and the sanctity of unborn children? Below you will find Bible verses most closely associated with abortion. Click the verse numbe
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