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What does the Bible say about worry? Well, the main thing that you should do is to try to NOT worry. Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. This is one of the most powerful scriptures in the Bible and one that you should live by.
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An important part of being a Christian is faith - but faith is nothing without works. Doing "good works" means you must act in accordance with your beliefs. If you believe that you should be generous, then you should act generously. Doing good works is al
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War is an unfortunate and tragic part of our existence, and sometimes it's even fought over religion. Rest assured, Jesus never intended any bloodshed over his teachings and gift of salvation. But why does it happen? It's just a fact that we live in a sin
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Sometimes it's hard to find trust in such an untrustworthy, disloyal world. It's important to not get hurt, but you also must learn to trust in God. Trusting the Lord should be easy. But it is also important to trust in those you love. Your family and your
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How do you react when you face trials and tribulations? Do you give up or do you turn to God and the Bible? Trials are something we all will face as Christians, so learn to get through them by keeping the faith and praying. It IS easier said than done, tha
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The Bible tells us that stealing is wrong... but what does it say about the thieves themselves? These Bible verses about thieves don't necessarily speak directly about stealing. However, they do tell us what it is to be a good Christian and what happens wh
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The challenge of being a Christian is the temptations we face every day. Resisting temptation is a very important part of every Christian's life. Christian temptation is different from any other kind, but we CAN be tested and we WILL resist temptation. It'
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What does the Bible say about getting tattoos? As Christians, we should respect our body. We should not harm or scar it, and many believe that tattoos are included in this bodily harm. Please read through these Bible verses about getting tattoos - knowing
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The Bible tells us murder is wrong... but what does it say about suicide? These Bible verses on suicide tell us that we should respect our bodies. We are God's creations, we shouldn't die before our time or forsake God's will just because things are tough.
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Sometimes we feel like there is no way through a situation and we just don't have the strength to overcome. But never forget - you have infinite strength in the Almighty God. Use these bible verses on strength below to get through any situation. Be strong
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