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Using (for musical theatre)

Hi all,

I just purchased Ableton as it was highly recommended for what I'm trying to do.I am trying to program Ableton to run the synthesizer for the musical I'm directing (high school level). I need it to move through the Ableton scenes and each scene is programmed with the virtual instrument or combination of VIs (though the use of instrument racks - I got this part).I have approached this two different ways, both of which were unsuccessful:I inserted each VI into a MIDI track (ex. strings into track 1 / piano into track 2) and mapped the top note on my keyboard to advance through the scenes. I was hoping that creating a blank MIDI clip into strings scene 1 and into piano scene 2 would activate that particular VI for that particular scene. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous to those of you that have a clue. This clearly did not work like I thought it would.I inserted each VI into a MIDI track (same as above). This time, however, I mapped the "1" to both activate the solo switch and arm recording for the strings track. I then mapped "2" to do the same for the piano track. Thus, hitting "1" allows me to play using the strings VI and hitting two switches the sound to piano. This is much closer to what I want to do, however I'm going to have hundreds of settings and I need my piano player to hit a pedal switch to advance to the next sound (in this case, track not scene). I feel as though this might not be the right approach, especially because I'd like to be able to fire off sound effects for the show through Ableton as well.I feel as though I'm either asking Ableton to do something so simple it's not part of the software or I'm missing something completely. The problem, it seems, is that I'm not having Ableton play anything prerecorded (except for the sound effects)...I want to play everything live.

 Please help.

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