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Price guides for magazine back-issues?


I'm looking for online price guides that might give price ranges for back issues of a variety of magazines, something akin to the "Buyers' Guide to Comics" and such. Specifically, I have back-issues of Playboy, Penthouse, American Photo, Byte (only a couple issues), Heavy Metal, Communication Arts Annuals (Photo, Illustrator)... though likely I will not want to sell the CA Annuals. But I am considering it.I am also curious about aspects of selling items on eBay. I am sure most of my questions will be answered when I look at setting up an auction, so specifically I wanted to ask here how you determine cost of shipping ahead of time, especially for items that will weigh quite a bit. Obviously I want to auction some magazines. Once stacked, they can weigh quite a bit. Will the Post Office or UPS let you do price checks for their different delivery offerings? Or is there some other way you figure out that cost. I will want to incorporate the cost of shipping into my asking price. This is probably a basic question...

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.